“We want to create a platform where the SMEs business owners and their workforce can access to the world class training.”

Maresa Ng & Jaclynnd Wong Yin Thing, Co-Founder at SMETalent.com


It started one afternoon when me and my co-founder Jaclynnd, sat down over lunch at The Loaf in Bangsar Village. We were both brooding about not being able to find the right employees to work with our companies. Just to top it off, the good ones we had, they were hard to keep.

It seemed that we were not the only Employers having this problem. When we did our research, there were many other Employers who faced the same challenges. Jaclynnd and I decided to make a list of human resource challenges that employers had, and this is what we came up with…

  1. Not able to find good candidates to join them,
  2. Can’t seem to keep and retain the good ones in their companies,
  3. Employees keep asking for more money, when they (employee) nor the Company is performing, and
  4. Losing track of employee’s career growth and development.

And then we realized that this era’s employees are so different. It’s so different from when we went to school, or when our Mom and Pop started working! These new generations of employees are restless, need to be challenged, and self-starters, and sadly most Businesses have not begun catering their companies for this new generation. No wonder they keep leaving!

Businesses we spoke to started getting nerved out about what is going to happen in the next 10 years of being in business (imagine Year 2025), because they were out-of-their-mind trying to manage their newer generations currently, and unless they did something about it, business wasn’t going to grow.

Here is the reason we founded smetalent.com, to help SMEs business owners to retain their greatest talent and level up their business through training and technology


Driven By A Vision
Aiming For A Mission
To Be The Leading Training Provider That Train 1000 SMEs by year 2025
To Level Up SMEs Businesses With The Right Training, Tools & Talents


SMETalent.com is the official website and online learning platform of Reward Talent Sdn Bhd.

Reward Talent Sdn Bhd is a HRDF registered training provider and able to provide the following product and services:

HRDF claimable in-house and public program
Business coaching
Online courses
Performance Management System


Online Courses

SMETalent.com partners with top industry expert and certified trainers, to offer online training to corporate clients. Participants will have access to recorded video, quiz, assignments and discussion through forum. We allows corporation and SMEs to provide training to their employees without sending them out of the office for extended periods.

HRDF Certified Training Courses

Our company, Reward Talent Sdn Bhd (co.no 1067427-V) is a HRDF registered training provider. Our training courses are claimable under Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). You can apply and claim the course offered by SMETalent.com (our online learning platform) under SBL scheme subject to approval from HRDF.

In-House and Public Training

We provide in-house training, public and business coaching to corporate, SMEs and micro business.

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